Zelda Battle Arena

Zelda Battle Arena

ZBA 2.0 is a reboot of an old 1.9 map of the same name. This map features dynamic loot and wave systems, shops with custom items and weapons, and even a full starting tutorial, all the while being fully multiplayer compatible! We are attempting to update the map every two weeks, so make sure to subscribe!

So, what should you except from ZBA ?

Battle waves of monsters alongside your friends in a series of challenges inspired by Nintendo's Legend of Zelda franchise. Earn rupees from battling foes and use them to purchase Zelda-style weapons, equipment, and consumables! Each wave of monsters is randomly generated, comprised of enemies with custom models and stats. The number of enemies in each wave scales based on the number of players in the arena, making the arena a challenge in both single and multiplayer.

ZBA's dynamic loot system enables mobs to drop hearts and/or rupees of varying worth upon death. The tougher the enemy, the better the loot.

The shop system was completely reworked in ZBA 2.0. This time around, rupees are shared between all players in one massive ‘Wallet.’ Any player can choose to spend this money to buy swords, bows, or other upcoming items. Once purchased, ALL players can access and attain the items. If lost (or destroyed) the items can be regained back at the shop for free. For example, if someone bought the Master Sword, then another player could come along and grab another one for free.

⚠️ Players using shaders might experience lighting issues due to the map using the Night Vision effect

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3 months ago
Attention au tutoriel au lancement de la carte, les étapes avancent avec les boutons dans le chat ! Map de type arène PvE, concept pas forcément original mais la réalisation est plutôt soignée. Le thème de Zelda est bien repris sur les différentes armes et objets utilisables, la musique, les monstres...

Map details Zelda Battle Arena
  • Minecraft version: 1.13.2
  • Player(s): 1 to 100 players
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  • Map language: English
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