Urban Warfare

Urban Warfare

Urban Warfare is a multiplayer, multi-level PvP game.

Do you like explosions? Do you like seeing your friends explode? If so, this is the game for you. This is a multi-level, last player standing, PvP game, where you toss grenades at your friends and revel in their screams.

Urban Warfare has 10 unique and challenging levels to choose from!!

How to Play:

  • Select the level to play and how many lives you and your friends will play with by right clicking the signs.
  • Start the game.
  • Find the chests containing grenades, located throughout the map.
  • Throw said grenades at said friends and laugh at their demise.

Be on the lookout for special power ups while you play that can turn your grenades into:

Napalm Grenades, Poison Grenades, Blindness Grenades, Sickness Grenades!!

This map has had hours and hours of testing with as many as 16 people playing at once, with no issues or glitches. If you find a problem, please post it up so we can address it ASAP.

Thanks for looking, we hope you enjoy the map and dominate it!!

Designed, Constructed, and Continuously Played by: The atmosFear Team

1 Reviews
11 months ago
Une fois que l'on comprend le principe le mode de jeu devient très fun, certaines map de combat ne sont pas vraiment génial , je conseil surtout les premières

Map details Urban Warfare
  • Minecraft version: 1.8.9
  • Player(s): 2 to 16 players
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  • Map language: English
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