Obstacle Course 3

Obstacle Course 3

Hello all, and welcome back to the third instalment of my Obstacle Course series! It's another frantic struggle through 50 obstacles as you jump, run, duck and dive all in an attempt to reach the finish and stop the clock in as little time as possible. This map can be played alone or with as many friends as you want, and is sure to be a blast, as it focuses more on being fun and easy than challenging and frustrating. How quickly can you complete the course?

The main aim of my Obstacle Course maps is to reach the finish line by completing a chain of 50 fun and diverse challenges as quickly as possible with as few deaths as possible. The map will automatically keep track of your time in minutes and seconds, as well as how many times you have died and which checkpoint you are on. This will all be displayed on the right of the screen for your convenience. When playing in multiplayer, these stats will be shared - you will be working cooperatively, so will be sharing a timer. Your death counter will also be shared, so if one player dies, the death counter increases for everyone. You will also share checkpoints, so only one player has to make it to the end of the obstacle for all players to continue. Skip Obstacles - New to Obstacle Course 3!

UniqueImpact's Obstacle Course 3 now contains level skips. If you really feel like you can't complete an obstacle, you will be given a snowball which you can throw to skip the entire obstacle and go straight onto the next one! This does come at a cost, however - 2 minutes will be added to your timer!

I wish you all the best of luck! - UniqueImpact

6 Reviews
11 months ago
Une map formidable avec un côté compétitif évident !

11 months ago
Très bonne map parkour comme UIOC4, rien à redire : niveaux variés, funs, compétitifs et le système de skip particulièrement intelligent.

11 months ago
Troisième map de la saga, sympa et originale, bien qu'on commence a ressentir un léger manque de renouveau dans les différentes épreuves, l'ajout de la fonction "skip" level est vraiment intéressante ! Accessible à tous

3 months ago
Comme les deux premières, sympa ! La map n'est pas répétitive mais on retrouve l'univers ! La déco est plus travaillée sur celle-ci.

3 months ago
Have fun :)

3 months ago
Une série de maps excellentes, difficiles mais jamais frustrantes, à l'esthétique de plus en plus travaillée. Elles sont parfaitement taillées pour le speedrun (et un petit peu d'exploration bonus avec les coffres cachés)

Map details Obstacle Course 3
  • Minecraft version: 1.8.9
  • Player(s): 1 to 100 players
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  • Map language: English
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