Obstacle Course 1

Obstacle Course 1

UniqueImpact's Obstacle Course is an awesome, challenging course that will test most of your Minecraft skills in 50 different levels. These include levels on dodging, mining, fighting, building, but, mostly, parkour. The game will automatically keeps track of how long it's taking you, how many deaths you obtain and what checkpoint you're at. The main aim of the map is to reach the end in the fastest time possible and hit the button at the end to stop the clock! When you complete the course, you can challenge some of your friends to try to beat your time!

This map is compatible with as many players as you want, and can also be played alone. When playing with multiple people, your deaths, checkpoints and time will be shared. This means if anyone dies, your death counter increases (you don't all actually die), if a player reaches a checkpoint, it will teleport you all there and you will all be racing together to stop the clock and get a group time! My time is 13:52... can you beat it? Probably not, this map is pretty hard.

When you complete the map, it is suggested you share the map with some friends to see who can get the fastest time and finally settle who can mine, jump, fight and solve puzzles in Minecraft the fastest! Good luck and have fun! :)

5 Reviews
11 months ago
Première map de la saga, originale, elle vous donne un avant goût simpliste du potentiel des UIOC. Attention, certaines zone contienne tout de même quelques difficultés

3 months ago
Très chouette ! Je ne suis pas un fan du parkour à l'origine mais là j'apprécie ! Épreuves variées et originales, suite de la série à tester !

3 months ago
Bonne map, certains niveau seront plus difficile que d'autres.On peu les speedrun j'imagine mais faut réussir a passer certaines étapes qui sont pas forcément facile pour tous le monde ^^ !

3 months ago
Une série de maps excellentes, difficiles mais jamais frustrantes, à l'esthétique de plus en plus travaillée. Elles sont parfaitement taillées pour le speedrun (et un petit peu d'exploration bonus avec les coffres cachés)

11 months ago
Bonne map parkour tout comme les autres de la même série, à mettre en ranked évidemment. Manque tout de même le système pour skip un niveau, d'où l'étoile en moins dans ma notation

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  • Minecraft version: 1.8.9
  • Player(s): 1 to 100 players
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  • Map language: English
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