That’s Not Right

That’s Not Right

Been having fun with those "Illogical" maps lately?

Well here's another one! (o boi)

Solve your way through 6 puzzles that don't quite make sense. Think the answer is obvious? Think again! Think that you can just press that button to finish the level? Think again!

And no, this is NOT a troll map. It will not be mean, or overly unreasonable. Pressing the wrong button will NOT kill you, and every level is a checkpoint so you won't have to re-do anything.

So, now you might be thinking(but idk) "Really! Only 6 puzzles? is this map really done?" And the answer is yes it is done, although I might like to add more puzzles in the future. Honestly, it's just extremely difficult to come up with unique puzzles that also have illogical-is answers.

Finally this map takes some inspiration from Wrenger and IronEyeBall's maps

3 Reviews
3 months ago
Des bonnes idées "out of the box", mais malheureusement la map repose trop sur l'utilisation des blocks barrier invisibles, et on passe la plupart du temps à inspecter chaque bloc un par un pour trouver des failles...

11 months ago
Bien que recherché, la map est un peu vide, et au lieu d'énigme, j'ai eu l'impression d'avoir a chercher l'invisible ... Je conseil malgré tout, ne serait-ce que pour les instants d'incompréhension que cette map vas vous offrir

11 months ago
Une map plutôt originale, peut paraître bugée mais je vous assure touts les niveaux marchent ! Une map qui nous fait réfléchir autrement ce qui est donc intéressant, elle mérite un petit détour :)

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  • Minecraft version: 1.12.2
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  • Map language: English
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