Rage Parkour

Rage Parkour

Rage Parkour is created specially to make you rage with only 1 checkpoint which you can lose really easily by failing 1 jump

The map is themed about parkour and raging, if you rage then we can say that we achieved our goal :)

Rage Parkour isn't only parkour there is also Elytra/Ice Boat and time wasters!

We hope you enjoy our map and rage really hard :) But don't give up so fast ! It could be really rewarding when you finish the whole map

  • We added 2 easter eggs ! If you can find it all then you are the master of easter eggs!

  • There are 6 Levels of difficulty in total which are : Super Easy / Easy / Normal / Medium / Hard / Extreme

We hope you enjoy our first map and Good Luck!

1 Reviews
3 months ago
Map facile mais avec tellement peu de checkpoint qu'elle en devient naze la décoration est inexistante, bref cette map est vraiment mauvaise je trouve

Map details Rage Parkour
  • Minecraft version: 1.12.2
  • Player(s): Solo
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  • Ranked playable:
  • Map language: English
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