Make Yourselves At Home

Make Yourselves At Home

If you're looking for a map involving an epic quest involving slaying dragons and travelling across the land... then this map probably isn't for you. Instead, welcome to "Make Yourselves At Home", which sets you in a room including a bed, an old magazine, and a bathroom (mysteriously locked off since 2003). It's everything you need in life, and nothing you need in a Minecraft Map.

Just please don't touch anything. There aren't any secrets or anything, in case you were wondering.

Map details Make Yourselves At Home
  • Minecraft version: 1.12.2
  • Player(s): Solo
  • Category:
  • Ranked playable:
  • Map language: English
Map state

Beta test

This map has been tested by our Integrators. It is waiting for enough feedbacks to go in a production state and become playable in ranked mode.

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