Jade Jump

Jade Jump

Jade Jump Map is a parkour map created by Dafigvam Maper.

In the Jade Jump Map, you play a ninja who has to accomplish some different tasks to accomplish his destiny, but completing these tasks is a daunting task as you have to skip many challenging courses.

The most impressive thing about this map is that it offers a variety of special tasks in addition to standard Parkour games, allowing players to make a nice speed change. Mission-based games work well with traditional parkour games to create a very engaging and immersive experience.


  • 20 may 2018 : Add a Timer and a reset for the parkour
3 Reviews
3 months ago
Jumps plutôt basiques, si vous cherchez des jumps originaux c'est pas ici, mais la déco est au rendez vous

3 months ago
Une série de jumps pas très innovants, mais bien dosés. La déco est assez chouette (à l'exception des murs)

11 months ago
Map correct dans l'ensemble, un parkour des plus basiques qui vous fera passer du bon temps.

Map details Jade Jump
  • Minecraft version: 1.12.2
  • Player(s): Solo
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  • Map language: English
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