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Today I present to you my PVP map: ChivalCraft. It was a map I started with a friend several month and which was just an experience. But with time it became a real map with complex mechanics. They were many updates from the first release but due to lack of free time the map wasn’t fully functional in latest updates. So I decide to wait some months to make a big update with many bug fix, and by the same way to remake entirely this presentation. Today the update has been release so let’s start the description.


ChivalCraft is a map where, you guess it, you have to defeat your opponents. For this purpose you can choose between 7 different classes which aren’t only a kit but come with some own particularities: the warrior, the hunter, the magician, the knight, the assassin, the vampire and the monk. Each class can counter some classes and is countered by others which force to make the good choice before the beginning.

There are many configurable options to make sure every match is unique. You can first choose to do a time match or a dead match with a number of lifes/minutes of your choice. Next you can choose to battle everyone for himself or as a team. In team match the color of the class is replace by the color of the team (blue or red). Some other weapons can be changed between teams but don’t worry they deal the same amount of damage.

When you have chosen a configuration and a class you can choose between 7 very different battlefields. They are arranged by size (increasing from left to right). If you don’t want to choose there is also on the wall at the right a randomizer which you can customize is party settings to modify the probability to select each battlefield.

Also all classes have a special skill named “Ultimate” which can be use only once per match but can definitely change his issue. They are very different between classes and the vampire can use his ultimate multiple times in a party (look his description below). You can disabled or re-enabled ultimates in party settings.



The warrior is the more simple class of the game. He has 30 hearts but cannot regenerate. He fights with an iron axe which deal 3.5 damages and have a permanent +15% speed effect.

  • Good against: hunter, magician
  • Countered by: vampire, monk


The hunter is the only distance class of the map. He has 3 bows: one longbow which deal huge damages but slow you when you take it in hand, a court bow which has a punch enchant and an explosive bow usable 3 times per life which fire explosives arrows (please note that they explode when touching a bloc and not a player). He have regeneration but his health is reduce to 6 hearts.

  • Good against: vampire, monk
  • Countered by: warrior, assassin


The magician is a very special class which is harder to play than others but very polyvalent. He has a normal life or armor and fight with some “spells” which use several effects (some of those are in limited number per life):

Fire spell (blaze powder): melee object which don’t deal big damages but put the enemy on fire for a long time

Speed spell (feather): give +30% movement speed when holding

Frost spell (8 throw potions): these potions give a big instant damage effect and stun enemies for some seconds, but for this time they are invincible (to prevent spamming)

Teleport spell (4 ender pearls): classic ender pearls

Shield spell (one drinkable potion): give 6 absorption hearts but also a slowness effect to the user until his death

  • Good against: knight, vampire
  • Countered by: warrior, monk


The knight is also a simple class to play, with a normal life and regeneration but the best armor of all classes. His sword is strongest than the warrior’s axe and he has a shield (firework star) which give Resistance II effect when holding. But his movement speed is reduce by 20% and 20% more when holding the sword.

  • Good against: assassin
  • Countered by: mage

The assassin

The assassin is a very special class which has no armor and a normal life but get speed and invincibility effect when full life. You will have to kill your opponents slowly and to run when you are revealed. An assassin generate foot step on the ground when he moves and has a permanent regeneration effect. To kill you enemies you have some specials objects:

A light cutter (lever): deal 4 damages

A scythe (hoe): the most powerfull weapon of the game, deal 5 damages but reduce your movement speed by 20% when holding

Poison potions (16 throw potions per life): to weaken your opponents before rush them

Smoke bombs (2 clay ball per life): just drop one ball to be teleported at another place on the current battlefield

  • Good against: hunter, vampire
  • Countered by: knight, monk

The vampire

The vampire is a particular class which was really hard to play in older versions. Today he has been rethought and is simpler to play. The vampire has a normal life and an armor a slightly better armor than other classes. He principally use melee attack but his attacks fill a “blood meter” represented by red dye. He get buffs proportionally to his blood meter.

Effect list (cumulative):

  • Blood meter at 1: Speed I
  • Blood meter at 2: Strength I
  • Blood meter at 3: Fire Resistance
  • Blood meter at 4: Resistance
  • Blood meter at 5: Regeneration
  • Blood meter at 6: Speed II
  • Blood meter at 7: Strength II
  • Blood meter at 8: nothing

The blood meter also influence efficacy of vampire’s ultimate and the vampire is the only class which can use his ultimate multiple times (see the ultimates for details).

  • Good against: warrior, monk
  • Countered by: magician, assassin

The monk

The monk is a new class which has a normal life or armor and use an “Aura” system. He only has a stick with knockback but can activate 3 different aura by holding the corresponding dye during 3 seconds. This class also have a permanent regeneration effect.

List of available auras:

  • Strength aura (red dye): give Strength II but deactivated the basic regeneration
  • Speed aura (light blue dye): give Speed but also Weakness II
  • Regeneration aura (lime dye): increase Regeneration to level II but give Slowness II
  • None (when spawning or with light gray dye): just basic regeneration
  • Good against: warrior, magician, assassin
  • Countered by: vampire, hunter, knight


Mushroom village

A small battlefield with a central island and four peripheral island linked by bridge and platforms. It’s very easy to fall out of the stage.


Also a small battlefield in two part with a central lake. There are many places to hide but none are totally secure.

Toy land

A new medium battlefield composed by flying structure. It’s very easy to fall or to pull your opponents out of the stage.

Celestial city

A medium battlefield on two levels with a central yard and a circle building. You can go up with trees or by using scales in each of the four towers. You will probably nether fall of this stage.


A medium forest battlefield with many aerial course and some slime block hidden below carpets. Verticality is important enough in this stage.

Frozen lake

A very big battlefield with an ice ground surrounded by snow mountains, which have also hidden corridors and rooms. It’s a good stage for team duel but not for little match with not many players.

Abyss temple

A new big battlefield which is entirely under the water! All classes are disturbed and match-up are changed. The map itself is compose by a central temple and 4 “districts”. You can enter in the battle or in most of the buildings.


Each class have an ultimate usable once par match except for vampire who can use it multiple times. To activate your ultimate just use (right-click) the map in your inventory. Experience levels are used as a timer before the end of your ultimate. You can also disabled ultimates in party settings.

  • Warrior (killing frenzy): for 30 seconds you have a speed effect and get a new axe which can one shot any opponent
  • Hunter (man hunting): for 30 seconds your opponents get blindness and summon fireworks to help you to see them, assassin are also revealed
  • Magician (circle of fear): you are invulnerable for 4 seconds and create a circle of fire all around you, this circle apply a slowness effect to enemies and kill them if they are still in the circle at the last second
  • Knight (invincibility): immune you to all damages for 30 seconds, but you can fall of the stage
  • Assassin (resupplying): you get new powerful potions and more smoke bombs, also for 30 seconds you have speed and invisibility effect even if you aren’t full life
  • Vampire (blood lust): double your buffs for a time equal to your blood meter (example: with a meter at 2 you get Speed II and Strength II for 2 seconds or with a meter at 4 you get Speed II, Strength II, Fire Resistance and Resistance II for 4 seconds
  • Monk (divine aura): for 15 seconds you are invincible and summon thunderbolt on close enemies

Minigame mode:

This is a new mode from the update which consist in special fights with modified stuff and on predefined battlefields. Only time matches are available and some of the minigames don’t give you the correct kills count at the end of the party, this mode isn’t competitive, just for fun.

There are 3 available minigames:

  • Rampage (on Desert): everyone is a warrior with a permanent Soul Reaper (axe from the ultimate)
  • Explosive Party (on Celestial city or Autumn): everyone is a hunter inly with an unbreakable explosive bow
  • Knockback war (on Mushroom village or Toy land): everyone is a knight with only a knockback shield, you have pull your opponents out of the stage
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11 months ago
Beaucoup de classes, pas mal de mode de jeux, des maps intéressantes qui proposent chacune leurs aspect originaux, une bonne durée de vie et des système d'aléatoire réussi : 5 points qui nous créer un beau 5 étoiles !

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